They effectively burnt image of Palin while the “Caribou Barbie” sex icon/action figure to the heads out-of electorate

They effectively burnt image of Palin while the “Caribou Barbie” sex icon/action figure to the heads out-of electorate

In the event that she desires one thing, they things not in the event that the woman is qualified – “I deserve it, as the I would like it” Palin is from the the only MK masquerading on governmental phase, a few of their really precious “personal servants” try Notice Regulated Slaves!

Palin Side Alters (or Brain Files): model/actress, beauty king, outdoor’s lady, news/football anchor, politician, evangelical Pentecostal Religious. Palin’s change (notice document) because the continuous “home-coming queen”is pretty apparent– as most MK’s she’s suspended psychologically during the adolescent height (experience race w/daughters) , socially teenage w/ Pittsburgh escort service “mean-lady image” and you may reflexively childish…

Just like the the girl teenagers, exactly what Sarah desires, Sarah gets! MK’s may have hundreds otherwise tens of thousands of alters (brain data) prog’md to their systems- on PalinMK Prog’mg reinforcement get a hold of ” Palin, Beck, Fox Information Sculpture regarding Liberty”

Marionette (DOLL) Prog’mg because “Caribou Barbie” – it is Disney-Hollywood offered “script” and this became fantasy narrative force-provided so you’re able to people through Rothschild controlled news (Reuters/AP) pretending inside the show w/Rupert Murdoch’s Information Corp (esp. FOX Development). Palin’s “DOLL-IFICATION” ( the lady look) try constructed by the Lisa A great. Kline, directed because of the Henry Kissinger Op Gahl Hodges-Burt, who picked closet (costumes) to bolster Palin’s “Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg. Gahl’s husband, former U.S. Amb. to Germany 85-89, is Elderly Mate during the Kissinger Couples, Inc., 350 Park Ave, New york – Sarah Palin are an optical illusion, it’s all tricks, gimmicks, and you can fabrications expertly performed behind-the-scenes –see “Kissinger, Palin, Mengele: Exactly how Strong Do Brand new Rabbit Opening Wade?” Pt. 2

New heavy news increased exposure of slutty footwear, insured GMT had signal – this really is the MK’d Kitten, ole Henry’s latest Beta Prog’md Intercourse Servant/Person Laptop computer , and ought to feel treated appropriately

Wizard from Ounce (Dorothy) Prog’mg w/ Disney Themes: – grand intro Dayton, OH dressed in signature Ounce-Dorothy “ruby red slippers” w/Occult purple/black mix. Brand new heavy emphasis on dresser also generated hundreds of thousands to possess retailers given that females rushed to duplicate the woman “Marionette” Prog’mg, that is why she try the fresh Halloween night “It Lady” – much more about Palin Oz-Dorothy Prog’mg for the “Kissinger, Palin, Mengele – Exactly how Strong Does The fresh new Bunny Gap Wade? Pt. dos

“Hillary put 18 mil c-r-a-c-k-s (super-high-pitched intonation) on the highest, hardest glass threshold in america, therefore we is also shatter you to definitely mug threshold forever!” – (3) blatant coded references so you’re able to MK -Ultra trauma/torture processes that can cause “mindfracturing”or “compartmentalization”or“splitting” and that createsalters (notice files) the basis otherwise key intent behind Monarch Prog’mg – to manufacture Did (MPD) submissives! GMT uses this type of changes or (notice files) to complete their fiendish desires – some tips about what Palin referenced into the a couple of phrases! Palinminced on to “mirrored floor“at the RNC seminar 2008. MK’s are continuously enclosed by graphics you to reinforces prog’mg. Start taking mention away from “formulaic” stage/set framework, and watch how MK prog’mg is built in, and just why all lay generally looks the same. Palin lives into the an effective frozenlakew/ “Caribou Barbie” nickname, and that reinforces“Marionette” (DOLL) Prog’mg. Talking about every really recognizable code conditions/signs to possess GMT, which keeps viewing the woman prog’mg support, instance the lady physical appearance to the SNL. The complete Tina Fey/Palin parody are good masterful display of “duality” otherwise “mirroring” (a critical component of MK prog’mg) w/ MSM since willing accomplices, enduring collective eyes disability– how many times did i hear “I can not let them know apart“–it substantially improved Palin’s coverage, while you are implanting imagery appearing her not enough intellectual capability…

“Non-physiological “twinning” is an additional unconventional feature noticed within MONARCH programming . For example, a couple more youthful non related children could be ceremoniously initiated in an excellent enchanting “soul-bonding” ritual so they really might be “inseparably coordinated having eternity” (possibly various other Mengele partnership?). It basically share several halves of programmed advice, causing them to interdependent on one another .”

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