By the end of your occurrence, Wendy and Robbie are nevertheless relationship

By the end of your occurrence, Wendy and Robbie are nevertheless relationship

During the “Travelers Involved,” Wendy helps make the lady first whenever Stan asks the lady to put on specific signs ads brand new Secret Shack on “spooky” a portion of the woods. The woman is understanding a newspaper at the stop and says you to definitely “she can’t arrived at it,” sarcastically pretending to-arrive to them. Later on the episode she gives Dipper new keys to the newest Mystery Cart and says to him so you’re able to “Try not to hit any pedestrians!” [8]

The woman is after seen working on pass stand that have Dipper during the “Headhunters,” saying that Stan probably bribed individuals started see the grand launching of Wax Stan. She and you can Dipper show fun immediately following revealing to each other that they in reality were both bribed to attend.

During the “Brand new Hands You to definitely Stones this new Mabel,” Mabel asks Wendy when the she’s got ever before dumped a son. Wendy starts to identify all this new men she actually is broken up with, that’s very active doing this one she doesn’t see Mabel making. [17] After, this lady current “boyfriend” calls this lady and you can she ignores the phone call.

In “The fresh new Inconveniencing,” she’s viewed getting together with Dipper and Mabel from the Shack. She sites de rencontres aux Etats-Unis guides them to their miracle rooftop concealing set, however, she in the near future departs whenever this lady members of the family arrive. After, she allows Dipper and Mabel ahead along with her and you can their household members towards the given up Dusk dos Dawn. She functions the remainder of their household members once they rating in dated store. In the event the ghosts of Ma and you will Pa attack, she, Dipper, and you may Robbie change into the sole of these perhaps not targeted. She observe Dipper as he do brand new Lamby Lamby Dance to delight Ma and Pa. Following the ghosts hop out along with her family members are came back, she enjoys Dipper’s magic regarding the dancing, as opposed to telling the lady family he attacked the fresh new ghosts with a baseball bat. She up coming establishes that they should stay at the fresh new Mystery Shack next time it hang out with her.

Inside “Committed Traveler’s Pig,” Wendy really wants to winnings a stuffed creature away from indeterminate kinds (a red cross between a good panda and you will a duck) on Puzzle Fair

Within the “Dipper vs. Masculinity,” Wendy is seen during the Greasy’s Diner, dinner pancakes together with her father. She after helps Mabel together tries to build Stan attractive sufficient for Idle Susan.

Into the “Twice Dipper,” Dipper renders an intricate, step-by-action record to help themselves allure Wendy from the ticket stay when Stan sets up a party at Puzzle Shack

Later on in group, he initiate a conversation having Wendy out of the blue about line to possess the toilet. Wendy suggests Dipper an unpleasant image of by herself and her brothers from the time these people were younger, compelling Dipper to disclose their Larger Dipper-shaped birthmark so you’re able to their. They then toast their soda pops in order to one another getting “freaks.” Later, Wendy and you may Robbie hang out at the people.

Dipper tries his far better hit most of the pins down but occur to attacks Wendy in the vision towards basketball. Dipper operates out over rating ice on her behalf, nevertheless when he returns, Robbie has arrived together with hairless frost which can be conversing with Wendy. Whenever Robbie requires Wendy away and you may she states sure, Dipper was horrified. The guy later on steals a period of time servers from Blendin Blandin, a period travellers, to return to the time when he made an effort to knock the new pins off so he is able to re-carry out the put. But not, each time he extends back with time, the exact same thing happens: Wendy becomes hit in the eye and you can Robbie pertains to let the lady. Later, Dipper becomes it right and you may cannot strike the girl having Mabel’s let, however, he purposely misses shortly after the past over the years once more, to allow Mabel earn the girl pig, Waddles, once more, while the plan backfired.

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