Many homes were built after 1930s with empty cavities which proved to be an expensive drain on energy efficiency and heat conservation of the properties. About a third of all heat lost in an uninsulated home escapes through the cavity walls. Heat escapes via nearest possible route and in homes it the empty cavity which allows the heat to escape quickly. Cavity Wall insulation can help stop that heat from escaping and reduce your bills by on average £140 a year.

Cavity Wall insulation is a quick, free and cost effective way to start saving money on your energy bills. If your home was built after 1930’s, it is likely that you have walls with open cavities – a major source of heat loss for many buildings.

Most types of walls can be insulated one way or another, and Cavity wall Insulation is by far the most effective method for reducing carbon emissions, along with loft insulation, and helping homeowners save money on their energy bills.

Why cavity wall insulation:

• It’s totally FREE of Charge.• Less strain on your Boiler.
• Save on average £140 per year.• Be Greener – reduce carbon emissions of the property.
• Easy to install – completed in a few hours.• Improve Energy Rating of the house.