An accredited Energy Assessor visits the property to collect only the data required for assessing energy features (i.e. boiler, lighting, type of glazing, etc) and generates an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) using government-approved software. Please note that It is not a structural or building survey, condition report or property valuation.

Berks Insulation offers Home Owners, Landlords and Estate Agents, Energy Performance Certificates for their properties and a guarantee to complete all instructions within 48 hours of assessment. We offer both domestic and commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

We are able to assess your property or business and compile a full energy saving report highlighting where the most savings are available. We are also offering the energy courses to the people for creating more experts because we believe that the awareness will be increased very rapidly for saving the energy and at that time we will need more experts to full fill the requirement of the market.


We want to ensure that your journey with us is one that you will feel warm about for years to come. Safety Protecting the health and safety of you, and anyone else at your home are our first priority and we will never compromise on that. Informed Just like you, we hate any nasty surprises. That’s why you should never have to call us for information, as we will have contacted you first. We will always endeavour to keep you in the loop about what is happening next at your home, and to hold your hand every step of the way. Always Improving Whereas other companies strive for perfection, we see it as being the bare minimum. We don’t stop there though; we are always seeking ways in which we can improve our services further for you. Satisfaction Your home is very important to you and your family, and we will respect that. We will ensure that work is carried out to the correct standards and check in with you frequently to get your feedback as to how it is going. Respect We promise to always treat you with kindness, dignity and respect. We will also listen to your needs and accommodate your personal circumstances in all that we do. We ask that this respect is also shown to our people. We only promise you what we can realistically achieve, and aim to provide you with information that is both clear and concise. Our people will always carry ID badges. Responsible Our agents and contractors are responsible both to their commitment to our customers and to this enclosed charter. We will always work responsibly in everything we do and ensure anyone working on our behalf does as well.