Save money with External Wall Insulation?

Did you know that insulating the walls of your home could prevent up to 40% of your home’s heat loss and save up to £350 per year in energy bills? Heating a home without insulated walls not only makes your heating system work harder but your wallet too! With external wall insulation, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also transforming the look of your property which could add significant value to your home.
If your home was built before the 1920s, it will likely have solid walls and could benefit from external wall insulation. Solid wall construction doesn’t have cavities to inject insulation into, but as external insulation is fitted to the exterior of a home, it’s the perfect way for homeowners to insulate solid walls.

EWI – New Build Projects

EWI is perfect for new build applications that have utilised SFS structures. The systems can be applied directly to cement particle boards or sheathing boards such as Y-Wall, Knauf Aqua Panel, Kooltherm, Versapanel. These systems are designed to be lightweight, quick to apply, durable and versatile with a wide range of colours/finishes to be chosen.

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External Wall Insulation also referred to Solid Wall Insulation is a thermally insulated, protective and decorative exterior cladding used to insulate and protect the exterior wall. EWI is often used to improve the safety of buildings through fire-proofing as insulated render systems containing mineral wool are resistant to fire.

However, general benefits include; improved aesthetics through remodelling by a variety of finishes, retaining heat within the property therefore lowering fuel bills, improved acoustic insulation, reducing future maintenance of the exterior on the property and render finishes are breathable and will in turn reduce the risk of dampness.

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We offer a wide range of finishes and colours ranging from Spar Dash, Silicone & Acrylic Render, Smooth Render, Ashlar Render, Acrylic & Brick Slip Finish & Brick Render.

EWI – Existing Buildings

We have wide experience in the use of insulated render systems across traditional and non-traditional substrates and structures. These include cavity wall, solid wall, dense and no-fines concrete, brick, block, stone, metal, tile or timber clad structures.

For use on multistory buildings, external wall insulation systems provide strong resistance to fire through the use of A2 and A1 rated fire classification that the EWI manufacturers below supply.